Toposa: The Social Bike Computer


Let's go biking with Toposa!
Download the social bike computer today for free on App Store. Biking with a lot of fun :o)

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Exciting new Steps Mania awards

Award images

We have an exciting set of new awards coming to Steps Mania, this time focusing on social activities.

How many friends you got? How many cheers you have received? More is always better, so you can now receive one of these great awards:

Shadow Rcr: Everything Is A Race!

Everything Is A Race!

Commuting to school or workplace, walking the dog, or running in the park every day? Shadow Rcr turns recurring activities to competitive challenges.

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How To Make Everyday Activities Fun

Steps Mania Pro for Android is released

Steps Mania Pro is now available in Google play with below premium features:
* Historical charts visualizing daily/weekly/monthly performance: walking and running steps, calories
* No ads
* For logged in users, historical data will be preserved when switching devices or upgrading from the free version

Download now:

Slides from Quantified Self Europe conference

The slides from our Lunchtime Ignite Talk in Amsterdam are now available for viewing:
Insights from Tracking Walking Patterns from psandholm

Quantified Self Europe Conference

If in Amsterdam this weekend then pls. join our Lunchtime Ignite Talk "Insights from Tracking Walking Patterns" at the Quantified Self Europe conference:

We are in!

Finally we have moved in to our new place in the Symbion building. Spacious office, good coffee and nice neighbourhood!

Moving to Symbion

As our deal with Aalborg University has expired, it's time to move to a new place. The new address is:

Symbion Science Park
Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

We had a very nice deal for the old office in Frederikskaj, thanks to the great support from Nokia Bridge and Aalborg University. But all good things must come to an end, and we are certain that the new environment at Symbion will be just as fun and creative as the old one was.

Steps Mania is now released globally

We are happy to announce that Steps Mania is now released globally! Let's make walking fun :) Are you ready?
Download now from iOS App Store:
Download now from Google Play:

Steps Mania for iOS is now available in App Store!

We are proud to announce that Steps Mania for iOS is now available in App Store!
Currently it is exclusively for Danish Market. Get if for free:


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